Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Let me recount the day we did the chase scene!!

It was horribly cold and wet. Marty knew that he'd end up lying on the ground, after we run him over with the scooter of course. He wasn't pleased but I told him:

*in Director mode*
"Marty, you're'n acter. This is called Method Acting."

And with that, he accepted my unflawed logical approach and lay down in the wet!

The special FX and stunt sequences were the hardest, from a Producer's point of view. The bike wouldn't start you see (it was December and the scooter was allergic) and we had to fake it!
Bet you never noticed. If you look carefully you can tell it was shot in front of blue screen. We couldn't get green screen cuz my bessie mate and all round top guy, Pete "The Meat" Jackson was doing the Big Monkey film.

Anyway, thanks for listening. I mean reading. Of course I did.


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