Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My first baby book and my first external Xmas pressie (we got a camera with funds).

I didn't know what the fuck had arrived. Ema was in the bog and I went downstairs and there's a package for me.

Was it another signed book courtesy of Scott? Fucking hell, it wasn't.

Upon opening I fucking pissed myself! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I fucking love it. I haven't laughed in days.

On a more serious note:

I rememeber such manuals lying about the cul de sac where I did my growing up.
Oil covered wads of knowledge that I'd steal a browse through; learning shit I'd never remember; learning shit I didn't think I was supposed to know.

My thanks go to Mark - not only for suprising me, but for hauling up memories and for being the first to furnish me with such delights. Thank you.


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