Monday, March 24, 2008

Welcome again.

I've become very proficient at digital SLR photography, I thought I'd share some of my best shots and techniques with my readers.

(I'm not so good with formatting my Blog, so ignore that.)

I call this "Back of Richard's Head On A Sunday"
As you can see, it's the epitomy of the 'candid'.
Aperture @ 3.2 coming in with a f stop of 5.2


This one is called "A Sky @ Nite" although I don't have a clue what that streak down the middle of it is.

I guess it's a reflection of Ema using the remote to change the TV from something good to something shite.

Aperture @ 8888.8 bouncing off an f stop of 6.3, long exposure @ bulb setting on a time-plus-backaround approx. 4.


Blogger Ellen Loudon said...

well. thanks for your Easter greetings. Yes Easter is good for card carrying Christians but not till Sunday cos Fri - Sun are very very sad and stressful (Jesus is dead and all through Sat we don't know that he is coming back - though we do really know that cos the story is an old one and we really know how it ends but for some reason it doesn't stop us being sad) When Sunday comes it is brilliant cos he is alive - Hallelujah! You know what you should try it!? Best decision I ever made...

ps the picture of the back of Richard's head is fab. Is he telling one of his stories?

Love to you and Ema and the inward child. See you soon (we hope). xxx

24 March, 2008 19:18  

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